We are raising livestock with a focus on animal welfare and pasture-based nutrition. We avoid chemicals and non-natural additives whenever possible. Our animals all have access to pasture – our chickens free range and we take a rotational grazing approach to raising both pigs and goats. This helps the land, the animals and ultimately ourselves.

We support conservation of heritage breeds, which are almost always best suited to small scale farming systems and produce healthy and delicious food.


Sweetwood Farm has a herd of dairy goats, primarily purebred Toggenburg, Alpine or Nubian (registered or not), and sometimes cross-bred goats.

Our goats are raised like family, and receive ongoing attention to their health and well being. They are on rotational pasture as the seasons allow and receive herbal supplements and loose minerals, kelp and other natural products to support their well being.


Our heritage-breed pigs are raised on pasture. We have found Tamworth x Berkshires to be an excellent all-round pig, with excellent temperament and well suited to outdoor living. They may let you scratch their ears, if you’re lucky.

Guinea hens and chickens

Our heritage birds range freely.

Farm helpers: dogs and cats